Banana Boat

Bounce around on our 10-person Banana Boat and have fun with your friends or family. Have a thrilling time on a banana shaped watersled.Safe and suitable for all!


This inflatable mattress is the new trend in water sports fun. It holds up to 4 people maximum and it floats with speed and agility.
Favorite for the extreme sport lovers.

Crazy Squab Crazy UFO

What can be better than having fun with the family and friends on your holiday? Warm, Chrystal Clear Waters of the Mediterranean Sea so hold on tight and lets get wet.So you think that sitting on a sofa is a relaxing experience, right? WRONG! This sofa is going to bounce you all over the place … try to stay out of the water! An unforgettable experience not to be missed. Try it with your friends …


A new kind of Joy on or over the Waves. Looks more like an inflatable mattress but.when the speed increases, up this fish will fly!

Ringos (Tubes)

For extreme Sport Lovers. Stay on the Rings (if you can), challenge your friends and live on the edge.